WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress

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Cute, Flirty, Versatile—Just a few ways to describe our Fairy Wing Dress.
Giving fairies their wings is a part of what makes what we do so much fun!  Our wings are hand embroidered onto soft patch fabric at the shoulders. You’ll be sure to delight your friends as they watch you appear to flutter about at your next gathering.  Be assured that others will see you flying, even if you can’t with the wings on your back. 
With this dresses hourglass shape, bralette back, and sassy ring with braided straps design, it’s clear to see that we love being flirty fairies too.
Although we might be flirty we are also discreet as the cleavage of this dress isn’t too low, making it perfect for wearing to any number of events.  Here we’ve remained costume-inspired, yet also practical. Fairy design elements include ruffled collar and shoulder caps, and a two-layer flared skirt.
While capable of being worn as a short one-piece, this dress also doubles as a long top with a pair of leggings (pictured with our Ruffle Leggings). Our Fairy Wing Dress is an hourglass shape and is very slimming at the waist. Made from super soft organic cotton we’ve designed this dress with comfort in mind, no matter what your body type. 
Fabric: Organic Stretchy Cotton with embroidered fairy wing patches. 
Our Fairy Wing Flare Dress comes in three colour combinations:
  1. Black with Plum Trim and Silver Wings (shown)
  2. Plum with Black Trim and Magenta Wings
We use combined sizes on this item: i.e. we label each as either XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL, or XL/XXL.  Stretchy Organic Cotton (not elastic) ensures each size of our clothing can accommodate across a range of body types.  A person comfortable wearing Medium could realistically wear either a Small/Medium or Medium/Large depending on their preference and/or bust size. Feel welcome to email us with sizing inquiries.
Size : Bust/Waist/Length/Armhole
XS-S : 30”-32”/24”-30”/31”/19”
S/M : 32”-34”/26”-32”/32”/19”
M/L : 34”-36”/28”-34”/32”/20”
L/XL : 36”-38”/30”-36”/32”/20”
XL/2X : 38”-40”/32”-38”/32”/20”
WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress
WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress
WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress
WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress
WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress
WDO-501 Fairy Ring Wing Dress

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