WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress

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Our version of the classic babydoll is a knockout.  Here you’ll find fantastical steampunk style married to racy burlesque features in a design that’s sure to whet all sorts of appetites, no matter what your venue. 
This empire waist dress was made to fit your look.  Pull the attached ties into bows and shorten the dress to your liking, or even to create beautiful textural effects that are sure to get a second look.  Resting naturally, this dress comes to just above the knee, but feel free to play with cinching the dress up with the pulls for a look that pairs with a pair of leggings or a tutu (for those who really like to play .
We’ve incorporated fairy design elements such as ruffling edges found on the shoulder caps and collar. The steampunk inspired two tone colour combination is slimming at the wide waistband and this contrast colour matches the railpulls, and lower trim.  Waistband straps can be worn in a bow in the front or back depending on your mood. While the cleavage cover-up is a part of the garment, our design makes for easy modification or removal by those with a flair for personalization.
From making a splash at your next cosplay, costume, or cocktail party, to Sunday Funday playtime hooping in the park, this dress is sure to attract compliments no matter where you wear it.
Pictured with our made for this dress 
Material: Organic stretchy Cotton blend. 95% cotton 5% lycra
Care: Wash in cold water gentle inside out and hang to dry ot in direct sunlight.
Black with Plum Trim (shown, model is 5’8”)
Dark Olive/Black
We use combined sizes on this item.  This item is offered in only two sizes (S/M or L/XL) as the design accommodates body types across a diverse spectrum.  Garment material is all Organic Cotton with elastic shearing across the back. Feel welcome to email us with sizing inquiries.
Size: Bust/Waist/Length/Armhole 
XS/S/M : 32-38”/26-36”/40”/17”
M/L/XL : 36-48”/32-42”/40”/18”
This dress was designed for your body, it will make your bust pop, your waist slim and your tummy tuck. From one curvy girl to the other <3
WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress
WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress
WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress
WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress
WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress
WDO-502 Steampunk Baby Doll Dress

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