WDO-601 Fairy Dress

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Let everyone know that you are a fairy by proudly wearing wings on the back of your outfits. That is, wings that are embroidered onto your shirt so you can easily flutter and navigate the busy world we live in.
Designed to be worn everyday: to work, to school, to the library to the café, everywhere a fairy must go in order to do what they must. The scoop neckline is charming, yet is in our realm of PG and is appropriate for fairy family gatherings. The elemental fairy ruffles are discreet and found on the shoulders only.
The wings are embroidered onto each side of the bralette back. The keyhole shape is stunning and is designed to make sure your bra is covered.
The hourglass shape is flattering, shorter than the Fairy Wing Dress. When you wear the Simple Fairy Dress you can relax, let go of your tummy, let your body be itself as the flared shape creates a beautiful ‘apple core’ shape that all feminine fairies love and feel comfortable in.
Although this design is classified as a dress, it is really a long top. Just barely covers the lower end of your body. We love to match with our
When you wear our Fairy Dress you are transformed into an unassuming fairy. You can interact with your regular world as you would normally, looking cute…. Yet you know your wings are working as hard as you are keeping you a flutter in the back.
Material: Body: Organic cotton stretch blend. 95% organic. 5% lycra
Inside trim edge to keep shape: Organic non-stretchy twill cotton.
Body/Wing Patch/Wing Embroidery
Plum/Black/Light Purple
Dark Olive/Black/Light Olive
Split size as the design is stretchy. It keeps its shape with inside trim edging in our non stretchy organic twill cotton. Sizing it bust dependent.
XSmall/Small: 30”/24”/31”/19”
Small/Medium: 32”/26”/32”19”
Medium/Large: 34”/28”/32”/20”
Large/XLarge: 36”/30”/32”/20”
XLarge/2XLarge: 38”/32”/32”/20”

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WDO-601 Fairy Dress
WDO-601 Fairy Dress
WDO-601 Fairy Dress
WDO-601 Fairy Dress
WDO-601 Fairy Dress
WDO-601 Fairy Dress

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