WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt

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Immerse yourself into the age of burlesque meets steampunk meets renaissance meets fairy and festival. That’s the direction we are imagining with our “renaissance” “ren faire” skirt. We want to fuse these worlds together, thru our attire, and present ourselves in each world by how we wear our clothing.

This skirt is the bottom half of our Fairy Ball Gown. It can be worn either full length or the front can be ‘hiked’ up by pulling the rail pull cinches and tying a knot on each side.

The cascading ruffles on the back create a burlesque effect that flutters and moves as you do.

Because the waistband folds over you get to decide how high waisted or low on the hips the design sits. This fold over design element also creates a flattering tummy tuck. And there is a thin elastic inside the waistband to keep your size in place.

Wear it long and on it’s own to your fairy ball, dance and twirl with the ruffles and length. Wear it hiked up and pair with our Braided Bells for a ‘giddy-up’ psychedelic cowgirl look, or pair with those burlesque boots and incorporate into your cosplay.

Witch? Fairy? Madam? All can be achieved in our Renaissance Ren-Fairy Skirt 

Material: Organic Cotton stretchy blend. 95% organic, 5% lycra

Care Instructions: Un do the rail pulls, pull the skirt long, turn inside out and wash in cold water. Hang on a bottom hanger to dry right side out of direct sunlight.

Colours: Body/Waistband

Black/Charcoal Grey


Dark Olive/Black (pictured)

Size: One amazing size.

Waistband: 26”-40” Yes! This skirt can stretch that much. It is because of the elastic that is inside the fabric and when you fold over the waistband there won’t be any ‘muffin top’ effect.

Length: 38” long when the waistband is folded over. Wear high on the waist and use the rail pulls to make design shorter. Wear lower on hips to make longer.

WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt
WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt
WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt
WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt
WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt
WSO-603 Ren-Fairy Skirt

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