ROBE-501 Wizards Robe

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It’s easy to see why our super unique Wizards Robe is a Fairy Favorite at the comic-cons as well as music festivals: its psychedelically whimsical design is a cosplayers dream.  While LARPers love incorporating it into the outfits of their mystical characters, this robe’s incredible roominess and comfort also makes it the perfect choice for lounging around at the home of your alter ego.  House coats, meet house cloaks!
Our Wizard Robe comes in five sparkling tie-dye styles.  And as any Wizard Robe must have: the sleeves are belled, the hood pointed, and the front pockets deep.
Catch the eyes of your friends and festival goers as you seemingly float over the dance floor as you spin and twirl.  Or pull up the hood and retreat deep into your mysterious side. This robe is the perfect layer to any number of garb, or even with barely nothing underneath...
Material:  Fairies Stretchy Cotton Blend (95% Organic Cotton, 5% Lycra)
Totally unisex, one size, and available in five colour combinations
The colours are NOW in Multi coloured Tie Dye Pin Stripes, more circus themed. New pics coming shortly. 
Turquoise Tie Dye with Plum, Olive, Blue and Black/Black.
Plum Tie Dye with Pink, Blue, Black/Black
Charcoal Tie Dye with Plum, Turquoise, Aqua, Black/ Plum
Dark Olive Tie Dye with Plum, Blue, Lime/Black
Black Tie Dye with Plum, Pink, Blue, Lime/Plum.
One size available in our Wizards Robe. 
Length: 49". Armhole 18". 
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe
ROBE-501 Wizards Robe

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