ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster

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There is nothing better than knowing that your important belongings are safe and secure. They are accessible yet no one knows or can tell you have your valuables right there. That’s why we created an article of clothing that has SO MANY pockets. Now you can wear a vest and be organized.

There are 12 pockets, including two zipper pockets above and inside the interior quick-draw sleeves, allow for plenty of storage for the items you find on your travels. Think of it as your superhero toolkit: we’ve specially designed pockets with the shape of your phone, wallet, passport, crystals, grappling hooks, etc. in mind. The brass rings even allow for carabiner attachment for those times you could use an extra hand.

There are shoulder and side snaps to allow you to pull the pocket columns up or down to your liking. These adjustments allow you wear our holster over or under any number of garments, so this versatile number can always find its way into one of your ensembles.

Brass rings at the shoulders and hind parts of the garment also provide additional substance and style.

As a homage to the natural intelligence that provides us with the inspiration for all our designs, our holsters now come embroidered with sacred geometry.

Choose from either Flower of Life

Or the Cube pattern.

This beautiful embroidery provides beautiful texture and added sturdiness to our already rugged pockets.

Material: Organic cotton twill with geometric embroidery and antiqued brass snaps

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water, hang to dry out of direct sunlight. We also like to use the bucket method. Dunk the vest in clean water, then dip it into soapy water and then the clean water again.

Colors: Body/Details










Dark Olive/Black

Dark Olive/Brown

Sizing: Available in a shorter or longer size. We recommend the shorter length for body frames that are smaller. And the longer size for body types that are taller or require more circumference. Use the lacing at the middle back to adjust the width. Simply put on and widen the lacing until there isn’t any buckling of the shape of the back of the vest. Then tie a knot on each side so your ‘setting’ is set and secure. If you want to wear on top of a bulky sweater: widen the laces and retie.

Pockets remain the same size . The length of the design is what is sized.

Small/Medium: Length: 24” and can be extended to 26” by adjusting the snaps

Large/XLarge: Length 29” and can be extended to 31” by adjusting the snaps 

ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster
ABO-601 Cube Shape Holster