WPO-607 Tie Dyed Leggings

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Practical, comfortable, and quality are what your body will say when you wear these high waist leggings.
Your eyes will love the beautiful vibrant colours.
Pictured with the Heart Crop Top
Full length and slimming, wear on they’re own or with our Short Dress’ s like our Halter Dress or Fairy Wing Dress

Match the tie dye pallet to our
Material: Organic Cotton Blend 95% organic cotton 5% lycra
Care: Wash in cold water and hang to dry not in direct sunlight.
Vertical slimming ‘pin-stripe’ Rainbow Tie Dye
Black Rainbow Tie Dye: with Plum, Pink, Blue, Lime
Charcoal Tie Dye: with Plum, Turquoise, Aqua, Black
Plum Tie Dye: with Pink, Blue, Black
Dark Olive Tie Dye: with Plum, Blue, Lime
Turquoise Tie Dye: with Plum, Olive, Blue and Black
Sizing: This design is issued in 3 sizes only as it is very stretchy. The 2” elastic waistband sits very high on the waist so depending on body type is size style suggestion. The stretch blend cotton can accommodate a generous booty. If you have a slender waist then go with the smaller size.
Waistband Short-Long/Hips unstretched-stretched/Total Length/Inseam
XSmall/Small: 23-32”/ 32”-38”/38”/26”
Medium/Large: 28-36”/ 34-42”/38”/26”
XLarge/2XLarge: 32-40”/ 38-46”/38”/26”
WPO-607 Tie Dyed Leggings
WPO-607 Tie Dyed Leggings
WPO-607 Tie Dyed Leggings
WPO-607 Tie Dyed Leggings
WPO-607 Tie Dyed Leggings