WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt

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Cosplay fuses with function in this Xena inspired Skirt/fanny pack. Complete your Roman, Greek, Egyptian warrior look while being comfortable in the organic cottons. You’ll have peace of mind as you’ve organized and secured your valuables in the 9 pockets. And the best part: no one can even tell that your costume skirt is actually a belt bag!

Just in case you were wondering: the skirt is detachable so if you just need a kilt shaped fanny pack then un snap and unclip the skirt features from the pouch. Fold them and place into the pockets so the pieces all stay together. 

We’ve been careful to make sure there are no zippers visible for the true larpers. And we’ve also made sure those zipper pockets under the flaps are large enough to fit ANY smart phone, wallet, magi spells etc. 

Functional pockets combine with comfortable costume or rave outfit? Heck yes. 

Match with

Pixie Ring Top

Black Sleeves

Solid Fringe Wrap

Fairy Wing Vest

 Material: Belt Bag: Organic Cotton Twill belt bag. Skirt: Organic stretch blend cotton 95% organic 5% lycra

Care: Wash in cold water gentle cycle then lay the twill belt bag flat to dry (not in direct sunlight). Hang the Lycra cotton to dry.

Colours: Pictured: Charcoal Twill with Black

Black with Black

Plum with Black

Sizing: Belt adjusts just like on our belt bag designs. To be worn on the hips.

SM: Smallest Setting: 32” up to 40”

LXL: Smallest Setting: 36” up to 44”

WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt
WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt
WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt
WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt
WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt
WSO-615 Super Wonder Kilt