New Mens Shorts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your guy? Or do you identify as a guy and you need an idea of what you want for the big day.... It took us a really long time ... but we are happy to announce to all the elven warriors, the surf gnomes, the work out wizards that: we got MENS SHORTS IN 🤙🍄🧙‍♂️🍄🤙 yas! And get this... they have : 17 pockets!!! 🤯 These photos don’t do them justice (working on that). But I’m telling ya you’re gonna LOVE these board kinda cargo shorts because when you wear them they will make you feel (and let everyone know that) : “ I’m chill, I’m aware of sacred geometry, I care about myself and I’m (somewhat) organized.” Ha. So good. And they are so soft in organic twill cotton, washable, durable, breathable. All you have to do is designate which pocket is for what... 🤙 

Hexagon Board Shorts