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Unique, Whimsical yet Functional
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Fairly Traded Fairy + Elf inspired Clothing. Mostly Organic Cottons.

Cosplay, flow, festival, functional 

New Dress New You
Cutup Dress
Wear on its own if you dare or pair with a layer underneath!
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Available in 3 color combinations
Fairy Wing Vest with Pockets and Hood
Just how many items can you fit into this vest???
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11 pockets!!!
Flower of Life Belt Bag
Because you know you need a place a put your belongings.
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Honey Comb
Vest with Pockets
Just how many pockets does this vest have???
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A handful left
Flirty Fairy
Butterfly Keyhole Top
Your new top for festivals
Feel like a fairy everyday!
Fairy Points Top
Your choice which way you wear it! Cuts in front (if you dare) or cuts in back
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on sale!
Wear with the slits in the front or back
Tie Dye Fairy Points Top
Now available in 4 different Rainbow Tie Dye colour combinations
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Modern Sorceress
Butterfly Maxi Dress
New limited edition gown for every fairy occasion!
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Only a few left
Fall in LOVE with the
Fairy Ball Gown
Time to prance and dance like the Fairies. Back in Stock with limited availability.
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Most popular dress!
For Fairies and Cowgirls
Long Fringe Skirt
Excellent skirt to match Fairies Tie Dye
Pixie Robe
Wear as a cape or robe!
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on sale!
Dream Robe
Our newest robe with pockets and a hood!
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only a few left
Fairy Vest
Reversible Duster Robe
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just a few left
Fairies must have sleeves
Just Sleeves in BLACK
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matches everything
The ULTIMATE comfty layer
Add sleeves to any sleeveless top and voila! Your outfit is ready for any season
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brillant colours!
Wear it everyday
Vests with POCKETS
Keep your belongings safe and secure and LIVE YO BEST life
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only a few left
Flower of LIFE
Corset Vest
Adjustable Fairy Vest with secret pockets!
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Just Arrived
Dragon Scales Holster
Available in two sizes!
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Available in Black or Plum

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