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Fairies + Pixies

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Elves + Wizards


Fairly Traded Fairy + Elf inspired Clothing. Mostly Organic Cottons.

Cosplay, flow, festival, functional 

Double Pocket Flower of Life Belt
Fairy meets function
Made from Organic Twill Cotton
Check out the stop motion video
Wear Organic Cotton
Tie Dye Wrap Fringe
As a top, skirt, bandana...
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SUPER multifunctional
The most comfortable
Organic Cotton Bell Bottoms
Perfect to wear DAY AFTER DAY
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Length is adjustable
Flirty Fairy
Hula Hoop Pants
YES shorts AND legwarmers COMBINED
See more pictures here
ALL BLACK available...
The ULTIMATE comfty layer
Made from Organic Cotton Blend
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Restocked and ready to make you cozy
Wizards Robe
That moment you're like 'yeah i can wear this to bed' and you wake up at a festival and you're like 'yeah i can wear this today'
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Wear it everyday
Large Leaf Pocket HipBelt
Keep your belongings safe and secure plus wear around waist or over shoulder
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