WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown

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Navigate the elf realm in our Fairy Ball Gown Dress.
Be elegant and innocent while wearing the maxi full length gown for your fairy social gathering. May all eyes that fall on your beautiful back wonder what fairy is this? And as you flirt your way thru the fairy gathering, you shield your eyes from (some) of the attention with the adorable pixie hood.
Now you’re ready to head to the dance floor and you want to flaunt your fishnets, or your crystal moon boots? No problem. Simply pull the braided strings on each of the rail pulls so the front of the skirt of the gown gathers and becomes shorter. Then secure these braided ties to themselves or each other with a knot- you get to decide how to tie them up.
Now the gown has turned into a steampunk burlesque frock. Grab your partner, wand or unicorn, the pixie ball is lit.
Are you a petite fairy? Or a voluptuous goddess? This dress will fit either. Carefully conceived to encompass any shape, use the bust panel ‘cuffs’ to alter the shape and fit of each of your ‘ladies’. Make sure to pull and lift the bust panels towards your back when tightening the dress : everything is relative after all. Coax the braided rope ties to your desired fit and use the ends as you wish, wrap them in front of your body for a Avalon look..
Renaissance Fairy is now invited to the edm floor.
Want to keep going? Layer the gown with our magical
Material: Organic Cotton Stretch Blend 95% organic, 5% lycra
Care: Wash inside out in cold water gentle and hang to dry out of direct sunlight
Colours: One solid gorgeous colour
Turquoise : Water Fairy
Black : Dark Fairy
Plum : Sugar Plum Fairy
Dark Olive : Forest Fairy
Size: One Size as the dress is super adjustable. Use the bra panel cuffs to make the bra shapes smaller or larger. Make sure to open the braided rope ties when putting on and then tighten to desired fit.
Bust: 25-44”
Waistband: 23-42”
Length: 52” 
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown
WDO-603 Fairy Ball Gown

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