About Us

Fairly Traded Fairy + Elf inspired clothing. Made with mostly organic cottons. Cosplay, flow, festival, functional.

The Fairies Pyjamas is a clothing brand of unique clothing and accessories, designed, owned and guided by Michelle Lynn Johnson. Inspired by music festival culture such as Shambhala and Burning Man with cosplay elements like leaf shapes and pixie pointed hoods. With fairness, fairies and comfort in mind The Fairies Pyjamas is a play on catchphrases from the 1920s like “The Cats Pyjamas”, "The Bee's Knee's" or "The Dogs Elbows", meaning roughly "the good stuff".

Since 2007 Michelle’s unique clothing has been designed in Canada and produced in Nepal at a fair trade facility. The vision of Fairies Pjs continues to evolve with whimsical, steampunk and tribal inspired styles. Most of the cotton based fibres are now certified organic. To know who, where and what Fairies Pjs are made from-is an essential part of the philosophy of the brand. 

The Fairies Pyjamas previously operated two boutiques, one in Toronto's bohemian Kensington Market 2009-2014 and one in the hippy town of Nelson 2010-2014, British Columbia. Since the success of the online store and wholesaling to other retail locations- they have been closed, and the list of affiliate stores expanded. 

The festival traveling store attends many music festivals throughout the summer, such as Shambhala Music festival, Electric Forest, Hulaween, Leaf Festival, Fairy Con and in Costa Rica at Envision.

The Fairies Pyjamas clothing designs are very popular at both electronic, folk music and fairy festivals gaining popularity and fans wherever they go. Some have referred to Fairies Pj’s as the “gateway to festival fashion”. Carrying a variety of designs and SIZES is essential to Fairies Pjs.

We hope you find something special at The Fairies Pyjamas- and as always- contact us for any reason.

About our Fabrics

  • We recommend washing all our products in COLD water and hang to dry not in direct sunlight. This is noted on our labels inside each garment. 
  • All of our stretchy cotton fabrics are Certified Organic. 
  • And our Twill cotton designs are Certified Organic.
  • We make every attempt to clearly list the organic products in the description of the product code.
  • Our sweatshirt cottons are sourced from small based farms in India and are locally dyed in Nepal using AZO free chemical dyes.

About our Faux Fur
  • Our Faux (FAKE) fur's are made from polyester. 
  • There are NO animals involved with the process. 
  • Our quality is 4 inch long pile fake fur that is non-shedding and can be washed in COLD water- hang to dry and brush as necessary.