Party SHHHHH pants

Life is a long journey and you’re going to need pockets... so you might as well wear clothing that has lots of them. 👌 That’s the attitude we have when it comes to our Leaf Cargo ‘Sh-pants’ (short pants) 🤙There are 10 pockets in these ‘ready to party, ready to travel’ organic twill cotton 3/4 cargo capri trousers. Revised pant snap and improved structure. They fit snug at first but then loosen up as you wear them. Now available in Black on Black, Black with Gold, Brown with Black and shown Charcoal Grey with Black 👌 May you dance the night away, explore the forest, climb a mountain or build a fort while wearing our handy utility like, cargo inspired, durable, washable and most importantly comfortable over the knee, above the ankle long shorts/short pants.