MJ Fairymichelle Art

MJ Fairymichelle Art


Owner of The Fairies Pyjamas, MJ-FairyMichelle Lynn Johnson's art.

Now nicknamed MJ on the Non-Stop 24/7 zoom room Global Art Jam Vision Train, she has been exploring the technique Mistek, taught by Amanda Sage.  MJ took Sage's week long painting retreat in Costa Rica, in early February 2020, right before vending Fairies Pjs at Envision Festival. Since returning to Canada and Covid MJ has been getting back to her 'true art', her love of painting in Acrylics. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design from 2006. With the key to unlock more of her painting ability from learning (and continuing to learn) the Misteknique: MJ is currently building her body of work.


Visionary Art exploring realms of consciousness

I’ve always been in love with fairies and the realm of elves. The whimsical spirit within us all. My wings navigate and lift me up: I can imagine myself as anyone or anything. I am a fairy warrior: fierce yet kind, strong yet gentle: I can face every obstacle with a smile.

I hope to ignite a similar outlook when one views my paintings. Using acrylics and medium on canvas, I paint my visions depicting human traits told with animals, using hidden 'enlightenment logos' (aka sacred geometry) in composition I hope to communicate that all is relative, all is sacred.

Exploring the realm between conscious and unconsciousness, fuzing realism and fantasy together my visions are the 'downloads'  and the process of painting them is the medicine.

The technique

The Misteknique is a sequence of thin layers of fluid paint combined with medium and water. It was developed in the renaissance era 1500 as pigment was costly so the artist used white to 'build' the values of the light and dark. Then 'glazed' (evenly painted) a thin layer of pigment. The paintings take many layers to achieve a certain effect and sheen however MJ believes they become 'masterpieces'.


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